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We are experts in global investing and invest in the world’s best companies to grow and safeguard the wealth of our clients

Who is Magellan

The key question we ask ourselves is: "What does the future look like?"

Magellan was formed in 2006 to generate attractive returns for clients by investing in global equities and global listed infrastructure while protecting their capital.

Since then, we have developed a track record for creating and safeguarding wealth for our investors. We have done this by investing in high-quality global stocks that benefited from the rise of the emerging consumer, the coming of the cashless society, the recovery in US housing, the dominance of business software giants and the arrival of digital consumer platforms, to name just some key themes of the past decade. We know that over the next decade different themes will prevail. When investing the key question we ask ourselves is: “What does the future look like?”

Our team of 37* highly qualified and experienced investment professionals manages more than A$95 billion* in global equity and infrastructure strategies for clients based around the world. Our team has received multiple industry awards and is a highly rated fund manager of global equities and global listed infrastructure, in Australia and overseas.

To help meet the needs of our clients, we recently developed sustainable strategies and pioneered a paperless way to invest in active global equities on the ASX. You can do this via our global equities and global infrastructure active exchange-traded funds (Active ETFs).

Magellan was founded in 2006 by Hamish Douglass and Chris Mackay and has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the US. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Magellan Financial Group, which is one of the top-100 stocks by market value on the ASX.

*As at 31 December 2021.

At Magellan, we believe that successful investing is about finding, and owning for the long term, companies that can generate excess returns on capital for years to come.

We do not look for stocks that might come into short-term favour on stock markets.

The worthwhile companies to own for the long term will generally possess some form of Warren Buffett's fabled 'economic moat'. This term is how Buffett describes a company's sustainable advantage over competitors that enable a business to earn superior returns that are well above the cost of capital. The pick of these high-quality companies can expand their businesses in the same profitable fashion.

We seek to own such stocks and let compound returns work their magic over time. Even a return on capital that is just a few percentage points higher than that delivered by competitors will create vastly more shareholder value as years go by.

Our investment team seeks to find such stocks by conducting company analysis that we like to think is 'an inch wide and a mile deep'.

On top of that, we conduct macroeconomic analysis and risk management to construct portfolios that aims to generate attractive returns over the medium to long term. Importantly, we seek to invest in a way that reduces the risk of permanent capital loss.

Since we started, our award-winning and highly rated global and infrastructure strategies have delivered attractive returns for clients.


  • Video Insights Jan 2022

    Infrastructure Strategy Update

    Portfolio Manager Ofer Karliner, outlines why listed infrastructure and utilities stocks rallied in the fourth quarter, the likely recovery in airport assets, why high carbon scores can be a misleading guide to ESG risks for infrastructure stocks, and why, even if interest rates rise, the infrastructure portfolios still comes with diversification, inflation protection, capital growth and yield benefits if the universe is defined correctly. (Viewing time: 10 mins)


  • Global Equities Jan 2022

    Global Strategy Update - January 2022

    Hamish Douglass, Magellan’s CIO, discusses why the less-threatening Omicron variant still comes with inflation implications, why he’s recently invested in two companies exposed to structural growth in global travel and why today’s stock market reminds him of 1999’s. (Viewing time: 23 mins)

  • Sustainable Jan 2022

    Dom Giuliano provides a sustainable strategy update

    Dom Giuliano, Deputy CIO and Head of ESG at Magellan, provides colour on some promising renewable-energy stocks, the efforts three portfolio companies – Amazon, Eversource Energy and Nestlé – are making to reduce their carbon footprint, and new investment Booking.com. (Viewing time: 11 mins)

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